MORE HONEY is currently being hosted at LOOSEprojects as part of workshop.nonstop. A project coordinated by Lisa Kelly. It includes practices by CLUBSproject: Bridget Currie : Kate Fulton : Christopher L G Hill : Lucas Ihlein : Lisa Kelly and OSW [Open Spatial Workshop] + guests & collaborators. It runs from February 7th till the 24th.

MORE HONEY (colouring)

With thanks to Lisa Kelly; the children of the Inner City Childe Care Centre, Ultimo; class CE2 (Grade 3) Lycee Condorcet/French School of Sydney; the Symons and Opats; Loose Projects family and friends...

during installation

Title card

More honey is a project developed by Spiros Panigirakis. The work includes a documentary by Louise Irving and Marian Patterson. This video provided a departure point for all other work in the project. This has been developed by Spiros with collaborators and participants listed below.

smoke, wax, wood, wheels, glass, honey 2007 (8.46 minutes)
Louise Irving and Marian Patterson
Louise and Marian would like to thank the Archibald family for their assistance in filming.

MORE HONEY (colouring) 2007
With thanks to Lisa Kelly and local community for ongoing involvement.

Oyster spiked with honey and almond dressing 2007
George Calombaris head chef The Press Club Restaurant and Bar, Melbourne

Business card:
Making bees dance 2007
Consultant: Joe Hill advertising creative at Singleton Ogivly & Mather
With Hieu Cat, Siobhan Murphy, Dominic Redfern, Dimitra Panigirakis, Sophie Panigirakis, Tony Panigirakis, Jonathan Symons and Jess Whyte

Display units: A-Flute/ E-flute cardboard
Spiros would like to thank Lisa Kelly for distributing and facilitating activity for MORE HONEY (colouring) with local Darling Harbour / Ultimo chid-care centres, Lauren Calleja from The Press Club Restaurant and Bar, Bianca Hester, Scott Mitchell, Sophie Panigirakis and Jonathan Symons for their support.